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 Bringing your new puppy home.

1.He or she is prespoiled.

2.Start training your puppy the minute you get home. 

3.I recommend a puppy training class for your family before your new puppy comes home

4.Your puppy will retain what he/she is taught. So every one must be teaching the same thing. 

5.Your puppy is a baby,he/she needs constant supervision.

Your puppy doesn't know that jumping from a bed could cause him to be injured.

6.Your puppy has no fears at first. So don't let the puppy around other pets till you let them meet with them for a few days to see how your other pets accept them. It will all work out, but you don't want the puppy to be injured. 

7.Your new puppy should not be allowed to walk in public places till it is fully vaccinated.

8.I will be here for you to answer questions or make suggestions when you need me. I want you to be happy & make your experience the best that it can be. 

Thank You,